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The Anvel - After Effects Projects

A great collection of The Anvel.com project files for Adobe After Effects. More than 20 Professional customizable projects.


Compositing 3d pic with 2d pic in Cinema 4D

Compositing 3d pic with 2d pic in Cinema 4D

V-ray for Cinema 4D 1.082 For Windows

V-ray for Cinema 4D 1.082 For Windows
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Focal Press: CINEMA 4D 10 Workshop

Model, animate and render with a practical command of all the essential functions and tools in CINEMA 4D 10. Detailed tutorials, suitable for novices and experienced users alike, demonstrate how to navigate the redesigned UI and orient you to the workflow. Next, the author guides you through the creation of a more complex project in which you model, create, apply textures, light, and render a final showcase image of a sports car. Finally, you will model, texture and prepare a comic character for animation using the new powerslider, timeline and the revised MOCCA module.

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DOSCH 3D: Interior Scenes

25 cutting edge, completely textured 3D-scenes of interior settings, ranging from ultra functional modernism to progressive futurism.
DOSCH 3D: Interior Scenes

The variety of styles of this product provides unique starting points for your visualization needs (furniture or office designs, shop designs, public spaces, trade show booths etc.).

Adjust the scenes for your very specific needs by changing the geometry, adding or removing elements, or by altering or replacing any supplied textures with your very own creations.

The completely textured 3D-scenes are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (Version 4 and above) Lightwave (Version 6 and above), OBJ, VRML and Cinema 4D (Version 7 and above) plus a special Cinema 4D Version 8.5 and above version.

The scenes for 3dsmax, Cinema4D and Lightwave also includes the lighting settings.

Download | RAR | 116.13 Mb